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Darci Hance
2014-06-06 06:21:10
When does Revenge and Retribution come out? I can't find anything about it on my kindle even though that is where I purchased and read all the others.
Hi Darci, as I just replied to Connie, "do not fear, it will be there" - but not until July 1
Connie Jones
2014-06-02 15:22:37
I absolutely cannot put your books down. I love the first 5 of the Graham series & know I'll love the rest, too. Do you know when Revenge & Retribution will be available on Kindle? I know I can't wait much longer. :) Thank you & keep up the excellent work!!
HI Connie!
So glad to hear you are enjoying the series! Revenge & Retribution will be available on Kindle on July 1
Sabrina Scarry
2014-04-24 10:26:53
Thanks for putting such a wonderful series together! I can't put them down and now I'm eagerly awaiting number six.

It would be fun to read about one of the Graham daughters making her way independantly-like her Mam.
Hi Sabrina,
You'll have to wait a bit for the independent Graham daughter - but I can assure you there is one (two?) in the making! Glad you like the series, and thank you so much for stopping by to let me know!
Connie Chambers
2014-04-21 21:27:01
Love the saga so far. Can't wait for Revenge and Retribution. Thank you...
Glad you like it!
Gloria Denman
2014-04-15 03:01:04
Just finished the 5th Graham Saga book and I have to say that all of them have had me riveted. Laughing, crying and hoping they succeed over the evil of the times.
Dear Gloria - so glad you like them! I can guarantee there will be quite some more tears (and laughter) going forward...
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