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Stefan Lindqvist
2015-08-01 10:05:36
Hi Anna!
I read about you in Dagens Industri, pretty cool with a Swede writing fiction in English. If I only have time for one of your books, which one would you suggest? (I'm Swedish, by the way but prefer to read in English whenever possible).
Debbie Spence
2015-03-28 01:12:51
Once again I savored each word you wrote in this book and every other book. Anna your writing talent is beyond words. The characters come to life when they have to concur the trials they face living in this era. Still looking forward to your next book of the Grahams, but read your brief clip from your new book "In the Shadow of the Storm". Looks good!!
Thank you so much, Debbie! And yes, In the Shadow of the Storm is quite the read, but I do believe Alex and Matthew are up to something again...
Ruth Robin
2015-01-08 05:21:49
I can't believe that I was the last person to write here! And, I had never checked back for a response from you, so that was a great gift!
Well, I tried to hold off as long as possible. I knew as soon as I opened Whither Thou Goest, it would be a matter of a VERY short time, & it would be only a fond memory. That's exactly what happened. Now, I have to choice but to wait until March, when the process will start all over again.
I have got to say, though, it is a little difficult to imagine not having another episode of Alex & Matthew's adventures to look forward to after that...I know, time goes on, all things change, etc. and they do have bunches of progeny to develop their own lives & stories. Is it possible to be in love with fictional characters? It would appear so....
May the year ahead keep you & yours healthy & bring you joy & contentment. Thank you for the joy you bring me & others with your talent!
Thank you for your kind wishes & words Ruth!
And who knows what will happen after book eight - I'm having withdrawal symptoms...
Ruth Robin
2014-10-03 22:00:16
Thank you for your delightful books, all of which I have read, one after another, in order, with amazing speed! The characters you paint just jump off of the page, & I feel I know them! When the Graham family became as large as it did, one of my thoughts was, cool, more characters for the Saga! Very much looking forward to Whither Thou Goest, & whatever else you grace us with!
Thank you fo stopping by, Ruth - and for your heartwarming comment. Just what a writer needs to hear ;)
bahnfire freeman
2014-09-05 19:01:48
I have a dear friend/writer who comes to me for suggestions regarding his books. I can't stress to him enough the importance of character development. I may use your books as an example. I love falling in love with characters. I so enjoy your characters, their reactions, thoughts all straight out of the 1600's. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.
What a nice comment! And I am more than proud to have my books used as an example - I work hard on the character development!
Darci Hance
2014-06-06 06:21:10
When does Revenge and Retribution come out? I can't find anything about it on my kindle even though that is where I purchased and read all the others.
Hi Darci, as I just replied to Connie, "do not fear, it will be there" - but not until July 1
Connie Jones
2014-06-02 15:22:37
I absolutely cannot put your books down. I love the first 5 of the Graham series & know I'll love the rest, too. Do you know when Revenge & Retribution will be available on Kindle? I know I can't wait much longer. :) Thank you & keep up the excellent work!!
HI Connie!
So glad to hear you are enjoying the series! Revenge & Retribution will be available on Kindle on July 1
Sabrina Scarry
2014-04-24 10:26:53
Thanks for putting such a wonderful series together! I can't put them down and now I'm eagerly awaiting number six.

It would be fun to read about one of the Graham daughters making her way independantly-like her Mam.
Hi Sabrina,
You'll have to wait a bit for the independent Graham daughter - but I can assure you there is one (two?) in the making! Glad you like the series, and thank you so much for stopping by to let me know!
Connie Chambers
2014-04-21 21:27:01
Love the saga so far. Can't wait for Revenge and Retribution. Thank you...
Glad you like it!
Gloria Denman
2014-04-15 03:01:04
Just finished the 5th Graham Saga book and I have to say that all of them have had me riveted. Laughing, crying and hoping they succeed over the evil of the times.
Dear Gloria - so glad you like them! I can guarantee there will be quite some more tears (and laughter) going forward...
Michele McVey
2014-01-07 18:47:06
I love your books! I just finished #3 and am so glad there is a #4! Guess I'm gonna have to read slower since the next one won't be released for a while!

You have done such a wonderful job capturing the personalities of these characters, I enjoy them all... Especially Alex and Matthew, but Simon is one of my favorites, he is so smart and funny!

Keep writing, I love this series! Bravo!
Thank you Michele! Words such as yours keep me writing :)
Danielle Taylor
2013-12-28 15:16:12
Hi Anna
I love your books , love both Alex and Mathew and have not stopped reading their story since I found the books on amazon !! Just wondering v when serpents in gone garden will be avasble for the kindle .
Thankyou Danielle :))
Glad you love them - I do too! And Serpents in the Garden will be out in March - hope you can wait until then!
Carrie Johnson
2013-12-14 17:50:31
The most incredible I've ever read. I admire you , I have read all of your books and can just say : simply stunning. These books will go viral, I can assure you. Absolutely fantastic!
Oh Wow! Thank you Carrie, and let me tell you I'd be thrilled if they'd go viral - but it is comments like yours that make my day.
Esther Mulleners
2013-10-25 21:28:03
Totally enjoy your history blogs; I even translate them for my mom, great how you make history so accessible. More more more please!
When will de 4th book be on Amazon in e-book format? Hugs, Esther
Hi Esther!
So glad to hear you like them:) A NEWFOUND LAND should be available as an e-book on the first of November.
Sandi Myers
2013-07-30 21:40:40
I love your books - I too just finished the Prodigal Son and can't wait for the next one.

I love books about time travel - not si-fi but historical novels like you have written. Keep up the great work!
Why thank you Sandi! You just made my day :)
rosemarie majkrzak
2013-05-28 17:49:17
hi anna, just love the graham saga, just finished the prodigal son and ready for the next one. when does it come out. hopefully soon, cant wait.
Hi Rosemarie - well, I write so my fingers bleed, and A Newfound Land is presently with the editor, with a planned release date late this year. I'm glad you like my books - and thank you for being generous enough to let me know :)
Sherry Denton
2013-04-23 10:09:16
When does The Prodigal Son come out? I can't find it on Amazon yet. I have a kindle
Dear Sherry, The Prodigal Son will be available in June. Thanks for stopping by!
Agneta Zetterström
2012-04-09 06:58:34
Counting down the days until I can get hold of the books and make myself unreachable for the rest of the world..
Marie Fredlund
2012-04-02 15:22:03
Hej Anna! Vad proffsigt och snyggt du har fixat den här sidan. Jag ligger i startgroparna för lite uppladdning av bok till Peking. Lycka till!
Glad you enjoyed the site! Imagine that, a comment in Swedish from someone in China - it's a small, small world at times!
Jeanette Held
2012-04-01 14:00:03
I just loooove your web page!
~ Jeanette
Thank you!
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