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Michele McVey
2014-01-07 18:47:06
I love your books! I just finished #3 and am so glad there is a #4! Guess I'm gonna have to read slower since the next one won't be released for a while!

You have done such a wonderful job capturing the personalities of these characters, I enjoy them all... Especially Alex and Matthew, but Simon is one of my favorites, he is so smart and funny!

Keep writing, I love this series! Bravo!
Thank you Michele! Words such as yours keep me writing :)
Danielle Taylor
2013-12-28 15:16:12
Hi Anna
I love your books , love both Alex and Mathew and have not stopped reading their story since I found the books on amazon !! Just wondering v when serpents in gone garden will be avasble for the kindle .
Thankyou Danielle :))
Glad you love them - I do too! And Serpents in the Garden will be out in March - hope you can wait until then!
Carrie Johnson
2013-12-14 17:50:31
The most incredible I've ever read. I admire you , I have read all of your books and can just say : simply stunning. These books will go viral, I can assure you. Absolutely fantastic!
Oh Wow! Thank you Carrie, and let me tell you I'd be thrilled if they'd go viral - but it is comments like yours that make my day.
Esther Mulleners
2013-10-25 21:28:03
Totally enjoy your history blogs; I even translate them for my mom, great how you make history so accessible. More more more please!
When will de 4th book be on Amazon in e-book format? Hugs, Esther
Hi Esther!
So glad to hear you like them:) A NEWFOUND LAND should be available as an e-book on the first of November.
Sandi Myers
2013-07-30 21:40:40
I love your books - I too just finished the Prodigal Son and can't wait for the next one.

I love books about time travel - not si-fi but historical novels like you have written. Keep up the great work!
Why thank you Sandi! You just made my day :)
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